1 Corinthians 3:7 So then neither the one who plants nor the one who waters is anything, but God who causes the growth.

We are to care for those in need, win  souls and make disciples of all nations. God has blessed our partners through the years, proving that He rewards giving and builds His church through the faithful financial stewardship of His people.

What is the PSBM Partnership Program

The PSBM Partnership  Program  is an effective  functional platform  for Kingdom financiers who desire to  support the ministry of Prophet Shepherd  Bushiri financially.

Partnership meetings

Partners  meet at least  once a  month  to share  ideas, receive insight from other seasoned business persons, receive an update of various projects, fellowship and engage with one another and most importantly, spend some quality time with the Prophet.

Most importantly, the partners get to spend some quality time with the Major Prophet who then shares with the partners valuable principles and wisdom nuggets of effective Business leadership as well as Kingdom Financing.

As a successful business man, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri Is a force to reckon with and a role model to our partners.
Therefore In these meetings, the Prophet also imparts upon the partners the anointing for Business success as well as providing the partners with direction for their businesses and projects.

How does the PSBM Partnership Program work?

The Program provides financial support for the work that  facilitates  the  prophetic movement and  empowers the global evangelical  efforts of the Prophet Shepherd Bushiri Ministries and it’s affiliated brands.

Through all the various mediums from services, LIVE  and  recorded  broadcasts, operations and  every  day running of  PSBM  entities from Prophetic channel, media, publishing as well as  effective management of  specialized events and  programs tailored to further and benefit the   ministry.

Who are Partners

The  Program attracts  multitudes of earnest believers and givers who passionately believe in the Major Prophet and the gift upon His life. The partners come From across the globe, from diverse walks of life - entrepreneurs, astute business men and women, pastors and ministers, ordinary men and women from various affiliated ministries desiring to connect to the grace and anointing upon the Major Prophet.
Partners target various  projects to  execute for the  benefit and  upliftment of the ministry.

Partners target various  projects to  execute for the  benefit and  upliftment of the ministry.